What is the media keeping from us?

by: Luke Urban, 12/17/2015

The age of technology

Media is a prime example of our new age of technology.Technology helps us get things done more efficently. I use it every day from checking the time to looking up football score or just plain communication like texting or talking. Sounds too good to be true that’s because it is, A lot of news channels won’t tell you the whole story just so they will seem more exciting So you won’t know what stories are true and which hold back.

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The media is lying

Not giving us the full story on the news can be annoying and dangerous.What if it was about a cop shooting a black man, but the left out he reached for his gun.Then a ton of people protest and attack cops probably getting the cop fired who was just trying to defend himself.22.1 million people are viewers of just the late night news cast,this shows how many people are being lied to. Also it forces Americans to check other resources just to see if the story is correct.It raises the question, are news channels untrustworthy sources?
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Its time for a change

This obviously needs to be changed.I plan to watch several different news channels and hear what they claim happened in a certain story.I will then check trustworthy sources and if their story doesn't fall through.Then I plan to make a website to make a list of all the creditable and all the untrustworthy news channels with a story about each channels so people can find the serious news they’ve been looking for.

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The change

If we come together to stop these childish techniques to get us to watch their show. Then without a doubt we can all have trustworthy news channels to watch. Just go to my website and click subscribe I will constantly inform you of new information that has come up and keep updating my list.We will all have what we want soon enough.


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