Born to Early

By: Lauren Roth

Being Premature

When a baby is born premature the possibility of birth defects is greatly increased. Deafness is one of them. 3 out of every 1,000 babies born have some degree of deafness. 25% of premature babies are born with a severe disability like being born deaf.

What is the cause?

Hearing impairment can be genetic or non-genetic. Non-genetic causes include illness or injury before, during or after birth. In some cases, the cause of hearing impairment is not known. About 90 percent of babies with congenital hearing impairment are born to parents with normal hearing. Genetic factors are believed to cause 50 percent of cases of hearing impairment in infants and young children. Scientists believe that mutations in as many as 400 genes may contribute to hearing impairment.

Being Born Premature Causes Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Can it be Fixed?

There are many treatments to help with the severity. Since the baby is so young there is a higher chance of fixing the problem. You can get a cochlear implant of hearing aid to help, depending on the severity as well.