Jackson zero or hero?

Never a hero always a zero

Trail of tears

The trail of tears was when Jackson ignored the Supreme Courts decision and he forced all the Cherokee off their own land. They had no choice but to move off the land and go to Mississippi where their other land was but wasn't even close to as good as their first

Nullification Crisis

Even though we go to war with the south its unfair that while we were at peace Jackson places a tax on their imported goods. The south rely on the goods and basically Jackson is begging for the civil war and he also threat's to go down there with the army and hang south Carolina leader.

Spoils System

Jackson was spoiled he only hired people who did things in his name and he knew would do what he says even though its wrong. He also just fired the people who were meant for office and do the right thing.

Jackson history video

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Jackson and the National Bank hydra

Jackson always hated the National Bank and here he is trying to take down the leaders of the bank

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