Heroes will always be there for you

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So this website was dictated to my hero,. He has helped me through a lot. He has always been their for me. When ever my mom was away from home for a while he usually took care of me. They treated me like part of their family. Their kids treated me like a brother and that was actually fun hanging out with them. He still helps helps me when ever I need it. I'm great full for his help

Hero Definition

Definition of a Hero



People think that all heroes wear masks and try to keep their secret from the world. Superman, Batman, Flash, Iron Man, Captain America and Green Lantern will come save you from your problems. They will be there when someone is robbing a bank or a bus is sinking and kids will die. When I think of a hero I think of a person that is there for you when you fall and don't know how to get up. He or she worries about you and tries to help you get back up. They care about you and want to help you. They see that you’re hurt and you need some help. Your parents, firemen, policemen, teachers or even friends can be your hero if they are willing to help you. A hero doesn't need a cape and doesn't have to have a catchy name to be called a hero. A hero is someone that helps you when you need it and you look up to them.
A hero is someone special that has helped you in your troubles because they knew you needed help. Imagine that you are home crying because you know you did something wrong and you regret doing it. Consider the struggle of not knowing who to tell because you don't want to get into trouble. You have to go to the person you think will understand why you did it and will help you out. The person that listens to you and understands why you did it is considered a hero. They will give you advice on what the right thing is. They will want you to do the correct thing because they only want what is best for you. You get to choose what your going to do but you know that you should make the time that your hero spent on you worth it.
You look up to your hero because they have done something that either surprised you or it was something that helped you out. They do something that is outstanding and you will remember that every time you see them. You'll see them differently than before because your mindset is that they are a great person. Every little thing they do means so much to you because the person you look up to is helping you. Your hero could be someone you didn't know but once they help you out, that stranger becomes your model. People go from being strangers to becoming the most important person in your life very fast. All they have to do is something that isn't ordinary and it helps you in some sort of way.

Heroes that fly, have super powers and have catchy names like Superman don't exist in this world. No one is genetically modified to be able to see through walls or read minds in this time period. You have to realize that a hero doesn't need to be strong, good looking or brave because a hero is someone that cares about you. If someone makes fun of you because you dress differently or you are from a different race. Someone will eventually step up and tell you that you don't have to be sad and tell you that it's okay to be different because everyone is different. Your hero always tries to pick you up when you have fallen. Your hero doesn't want to see you sad or depressed. Your hero will always be there when you need them.