Tech Tips #26

Week of April 28, 2014

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Search within a specific site or type of site

If you know you want to search from a specific site (like or or type of site (like .edu, .org, .gov, or a different country), use site:

Type your search term(s) and add site: followed by the specific site URL or domain.

For example, try these searches:

  • Search birds
  • Search abraham lincoln site:gov
  • Search site:edu shakespeare
  • Search site:uk world war


Try it now at

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Search by file type

If you know are looking for a specific type of file (like PDFs, PPTs, DOCs), use filetype:

Type your search term(s) and add filetype: followed by the 3-letter file extension.

For example, try these searches:

  • Search hamlet filetype:ppt
  • Search civil war filetype:doc
  • Search periodic table filetype:pdf
  • Search filetype:gif parabola

NOTE: The location of filetype: can be BEFORE or AFTER your search term(s).

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Wait! There's More!

Google Search Education

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Click Here to visit Google Search Education

Includes Lesson Plans, Activities, Challenges, Live Training, and more!

Just for Fun!

Try some of these searches...

  • Search do a barrel roll
  • Search askew
  • Search tilt
  • Search bacon number sidney poitier
  • Search google in 1998
  • Search blink html

Google Gravity

Let me Google That for You

NOTE: Some of these may only work in the Google Chrome browser.

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