Eleanor Roosevelt

Courtney Duong 5th

Brief Background

Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt who was the 32nd president of the United States. Even with her husband in office nothing stopped her. She changed the view of the first lady. She stood up for many human rights in 1920 and 1930. Roosevelt argued to many people why we can't all deserve the same rights as one another.
Eleanor Roosevelt Speech Human Rights

Eleanor Roosevelt and Civil Disobedience

Eleanor Roosevelt represents ideas found in Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience" because of the connection of the two personalities between Roosevelt and Thoreau. They both didn't care what other people thought about them or their actions. Eleanor Roosevelt stood up for human rights when people told her that it was unjust and Thoreau refused to pay tax when he had to. Roosevelt's passion for human rights was the same as Thoreau's passion for not supporting the government. Thoreau said that the government was unjust which is the same as saying that her movement for human rights is unjust because of the support for the race that most people don't approve of. "unjust laws exist: shall we be content to obey then or shall we endeavor to amend them, and obey them until we have succeeded, or shall we transgress them at once?" Eleanor Roosevelt wouldn't have done this, she would never sit behind and let nothing happen. Through this saying "Can there not be a government in which majorities do not virtually decide right and wrong..." it supports Roosevelt's main idea where "why do have to decide if things are right or wrong?" we could just support everything.