America (1880-1920)

Prouds and Shames


Populism was a political party created that tried to help farmers and laborers get more money. One thing the Populist party tried to do was to incorporate bi-metalism, because they felt it would cause somewhat of an inflation that would benefit the low class workers. I am proud of the Populist party for attempting to combat poverty of low class workers such as farmers. My evidence is this poster for bi-metalism by the populist party's influence.

Technological Innovations

Technological Innovations benefited America greatly and still continue to benefit America. Many new inventions were being created such as the light bulb, and many more. Important innovations were even weaponry during World War One which greatly benefited America economically and in military. I am proud of America for their many technological innovations during this time, for they set the stage of the great nation to come. My evidence is this picture of a car invented back in these years.

Labor Conditions

Labor conditions in the U.S. during this time were poor and dangerous. Because of the horrible working conditions, many were led to going on strike, some leading to casualties. I am ashamed of America when it comes to labor conditions for how poorly they handled it, but eventually things got better with the help of new organizations, which makes me proud. My evidence is this picture of child labor and unsafe working conditions.

Immigrant Experience

Immigrants in America during this time period came from other countries around the world, mainly Europe, seeking a better life. In America, there was extreme nativism going on where only native born Americans were excepted in society. I am ashamed of America during this time, because many were prejudice against the immigrants, and mistreated them almost as badly as they did black people. My evidence is this poster showing the statue of liberty disgusted by all the immigrants coming to America.

Political Machines

Political Machines were powerful people who would take control of a certain political party in a certain area. Political machines would cleverly try to help people, mainly immigrants, by doing things such as giving them jobs or money. Through this they would gain the support and votes towards there political party by these people they helped. Overall though, they were stealing money, and taking advantage of the poor and needy gaining way to much power and greed. I am ashamed of the creation of political machines for this reason. My evidence is this poster showing how political machines are crushing cities and completely taking them over because of excessive power.

Pendleton Civil Service Act

The Pendleton Civil Service Act was created as a system of competitive examinations in which one would have to pass to be able to serve in federal positions ensuring that civil service was not used for political purposes. The government was trying to make government jobs more available to the public instead of those already holding political positions. For this I am proud of America for trying to make the people happy through the more openness of the government. My evidence is this poster of the civil reform becoming better.

Mass Culture

Mass culture was the effect of immigration in America. Through mass culture, many new games and events came into view such as amusement parks, bicycling, tennis, baseball, boxing, Nickelodeon, and circus's. I am proud of America for accepting immigrants leading to mass culture and ultimately making America a unique and successful nation. My evidence is this picture of an amusement park back in the days.


Skyscrapers in America gave room for great possibilities. Skyscrapers give room for bigger buildings with more space while using a lot less land. Also, inventions such as the elevator were created during this time. I am proud of America for the invention of skyscrapers and the possibilities they bring. My piece of evidence is this picture of a famous skyscraper in New York.

Migration to Cities

During this time, many people in America were migrating from rural areas to urban. They did this for opportunity which the cities offered through industries. The downside is that cities got overcrowded, lacked sanitation, and got polluted. I am proud of Americans for looking for more money and opportunity to make a difference in the world, by I am ashamed how issues of pollution, sanitation, and overcrowding were poorly dealt with. My evidence is this picture of overcrowding in cities.

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was a great president that partly influenced it's greatness to come. Roosevelt was famous for many things such as the Square Deal Act, trust busting, and the Pure Food and Drug Act. I am proud of Roosevelt for the good he did in America leaving a trail for other presidents to follow. My piece of evidence is this picture of Roosevelt next to a park showing his love for the environment.

Racial Prejudice

Racial prejudice was a big problem in America. African Americans were segregated and suffered over and over. For this I am ashamed of the U.S, but people such as William Du Bois and many others fought hard to try to improve equality with white people. For people like this, I am proud that they were in America to help with the problem. My evidence is this picture of a sign showing prejudice wanting only white people to work for them.

Women's Suffrage

Women suffrage was another problem in America. Women were being treated poorly compared to men, they couldn't vote, and they couldn't get jobs that make good money. For this I am ashamed of the U.S., but people like Alice Paul and many others helped out the problem eventually getting women the right to vote, and for this I am proud. My evidence is this picture of the women suffrage movement with many women walking down D.C. holding up signs trying to get rights.

Annexation of Hawaii

Hawaii was being controlled by a monarchy with a queen that had complete control. Many farmers wanted a democracy in Hawaii in this time, and America saw the opportunity to swoop in and take control of Hawaii making it democracy. For this I am mostly proud of America, because it gave the U.S. another state and helped the U.S. economically too. My evidence is this picture of the annexation of Hawaii.

Spanish American War

The Spanish American War was caused because Spain shot down the battleship Maine starting war against America. The U.S. saw big opportunity in this war, and was successful. The U.S. took many new territories such as the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and many more. I am proud of America for winning this war and taking control of many new territories, beginning Americas rise as a world power. My piece of evidence is this poster showing the success of America eventually freeing many territories from the control of Spain.

Dollar Diplomacy

Dollar diplomacy was an ideal that President Taft used. It prioritized money, investments, and trade over war. It was the thought that money is what mattered, and it could be the controlling factor. I am proud of this ideal, because it made America a lot of money and in control. My piece of evidence is this poster showing money being the only thing that controls.


Weaponry got big during WW1. For the first few years of the war, America stayed neutral and isolated supplying both sides with these new weapons. Some weapons for example were poison gas, machine guns, artillery, and many more. I am proud of advances in weaponry, because they protect America from future threats, but I am ashamed that the world even has wars that require this kind of advances in weaponry. My piece of evidence is this picture of a machine gun squad.

U.S. enters World War One

The U.S. entered World War One in 1917. Entering the war gave America many opportunities, such as new inventions, and more need for jobs. This got America a lot of money through making many weapons and fighting, but it made many men have to forcefully go to war and risk their lives. I am proud of America entering the war standing for Democracy, but I am ashamed of how they had to basically force people into the war and arrest those who wouldn't. My piece of evidence is this article of America entering the war.

U.S. doesn't enter the League of Nations

After WW1 and the creating of the Treaty of Versailles President Wilson wanted a part of it to include a League of Nations to maintain world peace. It was accepted as a part of the treaty, but congress went to vote and many were against entering the League of Nations. I am ashamed that the U.S. didn't enter the League of Nations for selfish reason, because America could have helped prevent future wars such as World War Two. My piece of evidence is this picture showing congress voting on whether or not to join.