World History Weekly

Absolutism is happening...

Absolutism into Louis the XIV

The Sun King is getting ready to take over class as we've spent the past couple of days going over the traits of an absolute monarch as we work our way into the next unit. Instead of focusing on each country individually we have covered the traits of an absolute monarch, will learn about Louis the XIV, and Versailles, before moving towards the philosophy that became more prominent during the Enlightenment. Engage your student at home with the following questions:

  • What is an absolute monarch?
  • What is the divine right of kings?
  • What is sovereignty? How do all three of these concepts fit together?
  • Could you compare someone today to an absolute monarch?

We will likely have some sort of Quiz next week, towards the middle or end of the week, so we will make sure all students are keeping up with the work so far. As we move towards Winter Break we are hoping to get right up to the French Revolution so that when we come back from break we will focus on the reaction to all these absolute monarchs, although there will be no eating of cake. Have a great weekend!

Continuing Education for everyone...

Ever wanted to learn more about a particular topic? With the advent of the internet there has been a proliferation of online courses, some taught by highly regarded colleges and professors, available for free online. Try out Coursera, Edx, or MIT, and find something that interests you. While some are rather challenging and require prerequisites, plenty are open to anyone and appropriate for all levels of learners. Khan Academy is another great resource while one can find plenty of free video lectures online as well. Interested in learning a new language? Get started with Duo Lingo and combine with Anki if you really get into it. Big History, as mentioned above, has a fully online and free course for those who just love to learn. Foster a love of learning, to create lifelong learners in your household, by modeling that behavior.