May 3, 2016

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Westport One Teachers will be celebrated this week with a "special little something" each day, located in the conference room!

Lunch for teachers will be provided on Wednesday, May 4th (however it cannot be delivered until 11:30) so please make sure you get some during planning time if you lunch time has passed.

Here is a short read from Eric Sheninger about the importance of sound pedagogy before technology implementation.

Taking the Correct Temperature of Blended Learning

The best research will not ask the blunt question “Does blended learning work?” That is tantamount to asking: Do textbooks work? Do lectures work?

We will celebrate Nurse Mandy and Kathy on Friday, May 6th! Thank you for all you do to take care of US.

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Mrs. Cramer, Mrs. Faughn, Mrs. Patrick, Mrs. Dorsey and Mrs. Sublett will attend the training.

Some of this Weeks Highlights

Thoughts from Wes

I Remember When... Springfield adopted a "site-based" management model called School-Centered Shared Decision Making. I was principal at Sequiota at the time; one of seven schools selected to pilot the model. The primary concept was to give individual schools/communities more control over budgets and decisions affecting their site. The model was phased in district-wide with each school required to have a "Site Council" to involve staff, parents and community members in the decision-making process. The model slowly faded into the sunset. The lesson learned was - it is impossible to make significant decisions for your school without “real” money; therefore, the model was never be implemented as envisioned.

The "I remember when" comments have highlighted many changes in schools that have occurred through the years. While change is a constant, there are some things that do not and probably should not change. After Steve Harney’s “because it’s the right thing to do” comment in the Cool Kids Assembly, I came across a column I wrote for the newspaper in 1997 that is just as applicable today as it was then. What do you think?

Calendar of Events:

This week Wes will be working on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Monday 2

K & 1st I-Ready Testing All Week

3rd Grade Field Trip - Cardinals Game

SPLS at Teft - Mrs. Sublett, Mrs. Patrick, Mrs. Cramer, Mrs. Faughn

Tuesday 3

Leadership Team 3:05 Library

Wednesday 4

Evolving Leaders - Mrs. Sublett

TST meeting at Wilder - Mrs. Wertz and Mrs. Sublett @2:30 p.m.

Teacher Appreciation Lunch will be set up in Conference Room at 11:30

Thursday 5

Last Day for Boys & Girls Club

Friday 6

Nurse's Day

Field Day 3-5 @ 8:00-10:35; K-2 @ 11:30-2:05

End-of-Year BBQ