Netiquette For Your Internet

Created by: Lizz Schommer, Hour 9

Dos and Don'ts

  • Don't talk in ALL CAPS! It's found annoying and hard to read
  • Do use smiley faces for expression
  • Do keep your communications focused. You don't want to confused the person you are talking to
  • Don't post or say anything you might to take in the future. Those things can't be taken back :(

Rules For The Road of Internet

  • Be yourself, no one likes fake people
  • Use the truth, lies can be spread and ruin people
  • Please use spell check
  • Do not spam people, do you know how annoying that is?

Email at a Glance

  • Summarize your message in the subject line
  • Don't send anything to a person you wouldn't say in public
  • Always include your name at the bottom of your massage
  • Be formal, not sloppy
  • Use a blind/carbon copy for a just in case
  • Don't use social messaging as an escape for not talking publicly