Korey Strohmeyer

Baron De Charles Montesquieu "The godfather of the constitution"

Contributions to his own government.

Such as:

In Amsterdam, early 1720's, Montesquieu made a document of great importance; the first constitution ever to be made with certain principles that reached out to scholars of his country influencing a change in his and others government, Also in 1721, He wrote the Persian letters, which enlightened the European public to the injustice of their government causes them to spur a revolution and riots for the good of the future.

Contributions to the world

Such as:

Montesquieu fathered the idea of the constitution in which advanced countries use to govern their societies so that the public can help make decisions for their country and so that no one man can have complete control. He also influenced the American government branches such as the Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branch.


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