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@subjectsupport provides guest blogs from other PE teachers which shares good practice. They place links on twitter which you can simply save to your Pocket

PE App of the Week

Weekly Recommended iPad App

TallyPad & MyScript Calculator - Two free and simple Apps to for scoring during the Rounders and Cricket season. Perfect for non-participants to use to keep score. Create and rename Tallies appropriate to the activity and students can track individual or team scores. Lots of other ways to use it but it will need 5 minutes to play around with it and become familiar with how to use it. Then using MyScript calculator students just write the equation and the answer appears.

Explain Everything: how to use it

I really like this App and it costs £2.99 but you can do so much with it. Flip the classroom, narrate a presentation, allow students to create a presentation of work by inserting photos, comic life's, video clips from camera roll which have been previously created to produce BTEC assignments, GCSE PE AoP and save it as a video in your camera roll or upload to YouTube

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PE tip of the day

@PETotD again has provided some useful hints and tips to improve Core PE practice this week for Athletics

Long Jump

Champs League long jump (indoor and outdoor). Create a long line, have 5 start points that get increasingly further away from the long line. Closest is League 2, furthest away is champs league. If you complete jump you get promoted. If you miss jump, demoted non-doers can be foul judges/ tekkers checkers”

Shot Putt

Shot Putt - Battleship: if you've got stuff you don't mind destroying... Set up throwing areas with targets in the "danger area" kids attempt to score direct hits on targets. Consider positioning of targets as H&S is key here or use Indoor Shots ie. you don't want kids throwing towards others. Partners/coaches become "gunner's mates" guiding thrower & helping them destroy targets.

Shot Putt Battleship ext: Put smaller, less significant ships closer (tugs or rowing boats if you will), cruisers further out, aircraft carriers and warships furthest. More points for longer throws.”

400 metres

Sprinting: make it competitive by using pursuit relays. Two teams, opp. sides of track, runners attempt to catch opponent. Use baton changeovers each lap. Work really well if your school has a "Cycle Speedway" velodrome! If not, make an oval!”


Use the #poundlandpedagogy on twitter to find lots of ideas of how to apply this in lessons. Anyway the link below provides some ideas of how to apply poundlandpedagogy in your lessons