Developing Our World: Mesopotamia

Camryn Yaede


Technology. Math. Agriculture. Medicine. We have all of these because of the Sumerians. They are amazing today, but what were they back then, when they didn't know all these things and didn't have all these resources? Welcome to Mesopotamia.

Welcome To Government

When you think of Government, what do you think?



I bet these might be some of the words popping in your head. But... what about these?



No? Not what your thinking? Well this is a type of Government. Well, one that you could fine in Ancient Mesopotamia, anyway.

Lets learn a little more about the Government they had in Ancient Mesopotamia.

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Comparing The Numbers

As mentioned in the prezi, the amount of power goes down but the people grow. How can we represent this?

Look below!

White House Of Mesopotamia

So, when a presidents is elected, it goes to the White House. Where did the Kings go when elected? It was called a Ziggurat. Truth is, he didn't live there, but everyone thought he did. Hm. Here is what it was like.
Big image

That Is BIG!

Wow. That's huge. Imagine what is would be like to make that. I bet the person who lived in that has LOTS of power. Let's watch some of the rolls of the members.


Division Of Labor, Power, and Jobs all had to be taken care of. Those Mesopotamians must have had a hard time. But... they did it. They formed our world.

Developing Our World: Mesopotamia