Life on the farm

By: Esha Saraswat

What is a farm?

A farm is an area of land used for growing crops and raising animals to sell. Some animals on farms can produce products that we buy at stores. There are many different types of farms. Some farms only grow crops and some only raise animals.

What animals live on the farm?

Animals such as geese, sheep, horses, pigs, cattle , dogs , chicken , cats among others . Most of these animals are beneficial to human beings.

What things are on the farm?

What buildings are on the farm?

They are many types of farm buildings. Barns are used for storing hay, farm equipment and keeping livestock safe. Silos are used for storing things like grains, corn, and others. Birthing pens are used when animals give birth. A milking shed is for optimal milking. Indoor Riding Arenas are very large open spaced barns.


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