All Fuse Students Invited

What is Fusion?

Fusion is an Insomnia Event designed specifically for Fuse Students: 6-8th Grade. The first part of Fusion is filled with high-energy worship, challenging sermons. and interactive middle school games and activities. the second part of Fusion includes unlimited bowling, and an exclusive trip to Scottie's FunSpot. Fusion is also a costume party, which means students are encouraged to come dressed in their Halloween costumes.


Friday, Oct. 30th, 4:30pm-7:30am

1600 West Jackson Street

Macomb, IL

We will leave Macomb at 4:30, head to Quincy for the event, and arrive the next day back in Macomb at 7:30am.


It's only $35 to register. This covers all church activities, drinks and food at the church, unlimited bowling at Tangerine Bowl, and two major attractions at Scottie's FunSpot. Ddrinks, food, and additional activities at Tangerine Bowl and Scottie's FunSpot will require money. Registration deadline is October 25th.