Libby Terry

My Personality

My Strengths

My strengths:

  • Able to be very social
  • Able to talk for a long time
  • Has patience
  • Are comfortable about themself
  • Creative and curious

Animal Description

My animal description about a wildcat, is that wildcats are happy and like to observe things and the world from a distance. Also, they can't do the same thing everyday in a route. They rather explore the world. Wildcats have a very good personal hygiene. They are always groomed from head to toe. If someone does a wildcat wrong, they will wait for years to make the score even. So, you can say wildcats have a lot of patience and can hold a grudge.

Careers and Hobbies

Careers and Hobbies:

  • Explorer
  • Dancer
  • Travel agent
  • Researcher
  • Writer
  • Traveling
  • Massages
  • Dancing

My color

My color is red. Reds are dramatic and energetic. They tell jokes and stories all the time.They tend to get bored easily, especially if they do the same routine over and over again. They like humor, upbeat, and fast-paced presentations. Also, reds are spontaneous, future-focus, lighthearted, challenges authority, life-of-the-party, cheerful, bubbly, and can make friends easily.

My Influence in Class

My influence in class is that i have patience for others and wait for them to catch up. Also Help others if they don't understand what they are doing. I will help others around me be successful in class is by helping them get out of their shells and talk to other people. Also, tell them it's okay to mess up sometimes, like you trip yourself and laugh about it.