Friday Flyer

Second Grade

Dear Second Grade Parents,

We're into measuring items around the classroom this week! Your kids are learning about decimeters, millimeters, centimeters, feet, inches, meters, and yards. We are also using different tools for measurement, including tape measures, rulers, meter sticks, and yard sticks.

We ended our Southwest unit by having our feast. The children sampled a red beans and hominy dish with tortillas. Most of them liked it!

Please remember to load your Smartrip cards for our field trip next Thursday. Each card should have at least $5.65 on it. We will leave CHS at 8:45 am that morning. Don't forget to wear your walking shoes! Our schedule for the field trip will be given that morning but we expect to arrive back at CHS around 2:30 pm.

The children have been very good sports about having a lot of indoor recesses and walking to and from Norwood Park in the rain. Watching our parking lot transform into a tented paradise has been a lot of fun to watch as well. We hope to see you at the gala tomorrow night!


Emilia and Rachel