Why Boars Have Tusks

A Story of How Boars Got Tusks

There once was a boar named Barley. He looked like every other boar, rough air, tiny tail, and big nose. He lived with the others on a farm. Barley realized when he was a piglet he wanted to be different, but didn't have the courage to go anywhere. Finally, when Barley became an adult, he go up the courage. He dug a hole under the fence, and escaped to find a way to be different. He snorted in amazement, looking at all the new places and things he found, but none he wanted. Barley finally found something he wanted and liked. He saw a huge animal, grey, with large ears and tusks. He saw those tusks and fell in love with them. He searched around to find away he could get them. Finally, he saw the skull of that creature. he cut carefully smaller tusks for him out of the big ones, and tied them to his own teeth with tree bark strips. And that is how boars got their tusks.