The European Wild Rabbit

By Claudia Kritzler

When And Why Did The European Wild Rabbit Come To Australia

the European rabbit came to Australia with the early british settlers in 1879. They got sent to Australia for the weathly Bristish settlers to shoot as a game. They came on a boat.

Effect on The Enviroment

They brought a virus called myxoma, it spread across the Murray-Darling Basin in 1950


*They are grey or brown

*They are 34-50 cms long

*there tail is 4-8 cms long

*it weighs 1-2.5 kgs

*they live up to 9 years

*the European wild rabbit is the ancestor of all domestic rabbits

*there latin name is Oryctolagus Cunicules

European Rabbit

the European rabbit is a spices of rabbit. Native in south west Europe and north west Africa.It has been widly introduced with a devastating effect.