Have you seen me?

Missing reptile

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Name: Komo Lazarus

Komo a.k.a Veranus komodoensis has gone missing! He is 5 ft long Komodo Dragon has green and brown scaly skin, and black eyes.

He has extremely sharp claws that can spilt you in half. He is very stealthy and blends in with certain environments so it will be a little tough to find him. He runs to about 11 mph and can eat up to 80%of it's own body weight. Basically he is giant killer lizard that can finish you off in the matter of minutes and if he doesn't kill you his venomous saliva will. Just don't startle when you see him okay he's a little feisty.

His adaptations

  • Strong Bite
  • Incredible sight can see up to 3 miles
  • Fast speed can ran 11 mph
  • High metabolism
  • Poisonous bite
  • Smells from really far away

Reasons why he could be missing and others are endangered

Since these giant lizards were not discovered until the 1900s we really don't know exactly how much they have changed up until now. They have still remained in small numbers. But here are some suspected culprits that have lead to the disappearance of Komo

  • Poaching
  • Hunting it's prey such as buffalo and deer
  • Human encroachment
  • Natural disasters
  • Diseases
  • Kidnapping him
  • Could have gotten curious and wandered off

What we are doing to help them

Trade in Komodo dragons is prohibited under CITES Protection from poaching is made easier by the dragon's limited distribution; there is little human habitation on the islands where it occurs, and Komodo Island, the dragon's stronghold, has been made a national park. The Komodo Dragon National Park and other reserves have ensured its safety by taking care of them. In some areas, the komodo dragons are so well fed that they simply lie around waiting for the next group of tourists to bring the next meal of goat or sheep.

You can help by finding Komo and making sure no one ever hurts Komodo Dragons again


For you

If you find Komo unharmed I will give you $220 and this peppermint I found in my pocket

For humanity

Komodo dragons now are the center of a burgeoning tourist industry and the local people increasingly are recognizing the advantage of living near this potentially dangerous. They are really cool to watch at zoos. I mean sure they kill a few humans here and there. But so do other animals. You should help to preserve Komodo dragons so you're kids' grandchildren can one day see them at zoos and so can future generations