NBA for Career

by: Isaiah Vaughns

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What is NBA?

The NBA stands for National Basketball Association. The NBA of America was made in 1946. It was not made by one man it was made by two leagues combining. They where National Basketball League (NBL) and Basketball Association of America (BAA) and they merged to form National Basketball Association (NBA).

All-Star Weekend

The NBA All-Star Weekend is a weekend festival held every February during the middle of the NBA regular season that consists of a variety of basketball events, exhibitions, and performances culminating in the NBA All-Star Weekend held on Sunday night. No regular season games are held during this period, which is also known as the All-Star break.


In the National Basketball Association (NBA) there really isn't a set salary cap. All NBA players and coaches get different amount of money a year. If the player/coach is good then the team will pay a lot more than a player that is mediocre

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame is the best thing that a basketball player can get. Hall of Fame is when a excellent basketball retires and the commissioners decide that they were good enough to enter. There are many people in it and there are many people that are gonna be in it

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