Honolulu, Hawaii

airfare cost and schedule

I am traveling from Denver to Honolulu, Hawaii and the air fair cost is $1429 for 2 people and for 1 it is $715.Departure time from Denver is 8:06 pm and arrival time to Honolulu is 5:53 pm.There will be two stops to San Diego, California and Los Angles, California. Departure time from Honolulu is 8:45 pm and arrival time into Denver is 11:40 am.There will be two stops coming back and that is to Los Angles, California to Las Vegas, Nevada.


I will be staying at the Hyatt Place Haikiki Beach The cost for 2 people is $165 for one night The room will have a Mountain view.Their will be free wireless Internet and a breakfast buffet.The capacity of the room is 3 people.,HI-c28070/2014-05-08/2014-05-22/2guests


The activities I am going to pay for is going to the Sea life park, and I will buy an all day pass to hang out.Swimming with the dolphins is very famous so I wont miss that.Then I will go deep sea shark cage diving.After that I can pay for two tickets to go to the north shore surf bus and it will be an all day pass.The cost is $198, the bus will take us to the famous turtle beach, and the bus also provides a class to learn how to surf.After that I will pay to go on a museum tour and one of the memorials that is on the museum tour is the Pearl Harbor.The cost for that is $136 for the whole tour.


I will be renting a standard SUV from Hertz and the cost is $955 a week and the total cost will be $2160.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

The problem is that the hotel does not have a shuttle from the air port to the hotel.A suggested solution is that I can find a bus to the hotel or I can get on a bus ride to a car rental place.


That would be the end of my trip, so it is back to Denver, Colorado where the weather is unpredictable.So, so long Hawaii I'll miss you and never forget the amazing trip I had on the beaches and the tourist attractions.