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November 2020

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This newsletter's purpose is to share events and information from the Counseling Department. Please contact your counselor should you need further or specific information.

Here is a link to our Bowie Counselors.

Interested in Phase 3 Learning?

Please read about Phase 3 Learning at Bowie in the October 20 Bowie Star Newsletter and the October 27 Bowie Star Newsletter. All Bowie Star Newsletters are archived here.

If You're New to Bowie Here's a Tour!

Please take a few minutes to take a Bowie tour with Mr. Garcia on his extensive and fun trek around campus. Who even knew we had a cave?!

Virtual Learning Can Be Challenging: How to Bounce Back

The counselors have been steadily meeting with students that are struggling with online learning. Each student and situation is unique, but the strategies below can help them stay on track to finish this semester strong! If your student is struggling in their classes, please have them reach out to their counselor to set up a time to meet and brainstorm ways to help them with virtual learning.

Remember, your semester grade determines if you receive credit for the class. Your semester grade will be the average of the three 6-week grading periods and your final exam. This is the grade that is listed on your transcript. Even if you did not pass the first 6-weeks, there is still time to improve your semester grade by improving each of your 6-weeks grades!

Click here for Tips to Bounce Back

Need Help From Your Teachers?

Online learning has presented challenges of all kinds. You might feel that you need more help from your teachers, whether you’re stuck on an assignment, confused about due dates, or unsure where to find a link in Blend.

Click here for some things you can do when you need to ask for help.

Study Skills and Tips for Students and Parents

Whether you are learning virtually or in school, these tips are for you. We recognize this is uncharted territory for us all, but together, we can do great things! Please look at this list and see which of these you’re already doing and which will help you be even more successful.

Click here for the Tips

Click here for the Bowie Virtual Tip Sheet with Links

Time Management Video

Seven Guiding Principles for Parents during Virtual Learning

Managing Stress with Upcoming Holidays

College and Career Corner

The College and Career Center (CCC) is busy these days and in the midst of college application season. Here is some timely information for our students. Please click on this link to learn more about:

  • College and Career Resources

  • College and Career Fit Sessions

  • Virtual College Tours and Presentations

  • And More

Also, please visit the CCC at this link!

Mental Health: Managing the Holidays with Less Stress

It’s hard to imagine the holidays are right around the corner! For some, the holidays are a time of rest and celebration, for others they can highlight loss or be a source of stress. With the added conditions of COVID-19, this holiday season could be particularly challenging for many. In general, it is not uncommon for people to experience depression or anxiety around the holidays and that could be significantly worse or even new for some this year. The counselors want to remind all students and parents to take extra care of themselves this season. Pay particular attention to feelings of loneliness, sadness, fatigue, tension, or a sense of loss. Specific factors that can trigger the holiday blues include a reduction in sunlight, changes in your diet or routine, over-commercialization, or the inability to be with friends and family.

Click here for Coping Strategies

Remember that your health and wellness should always be a top priority. If your student could use some additional support around this time don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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We Are Thankful for Our Bowie Community!