2V Class News

Week 2 Term 2

In our classroom...


Coding was off to an engaging start with students (and myself) learning how to code directions to an angry bird to get his pig! We are looking forward to next weeks lesson already!


Another reminder, our Monday assembly will be moved to the afternoon starting at 2:30pm (rather than the morning). It will still be under the cola. This is to allow time for coding.

Public Speaking

This public speaking task is compulsory and all students are expected to deliver a speech even if they do not wish to be in the competition.

As noted on the topic talk list for this term, students will have a practice presentation in week 4 and the official assessment in week 5. Stage competitions will follow in week 7 to allow time for our school finalists to fine tune their speeches leading to the Seacliff competition week 9.


In literacy we have begun preparing for our impromptu speeches! We have experimented with T charts to decide our argument and webs to brainstorm. Students have been confident and keen to have their best attempt and have made an excellent start.

Mathematics has been focusing on addition strategies - doubles, near doubles, regrouping, friendly number, counting on. It has been wonderful to hear students use a variety of methods to solve problems. The emphasis has been to demonstrate that no one strategy is correct but having a variety of methods in our knowledge bank allows us to solve different problems with accuracy and speed!

Learning Goals

Since the end of last term our class have created individual literacy learning goals based off their individual learning level and needs. Congratulations to Finn for being the first to complete his learning goal (achieving the goal three times). There are many other students who are very close. Once a goal is achieve, a new goal will be decided using our cluster arrows or through an editing discussion.

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Small Schools Athletics Carnival

Friday, May 6th, 8:30pm

37 Foley Street

Gwynneville, NSW

Bus departs promptly at 8.30am, please be at school by 8.20am.

If you wish to take your child home from the event, please ensure you sign them out at the recording desk.

I will be there for the first half of the day but unfortunately will leave for professional learning the second half. I look forward to hearing of all our wonderful results! We have been training well at school.

Coming Events

Friday 6th May

Small Schools Athletics Carnival

Monday 16th May

Miss Vernon PL day - Mrs Potter on class

Friday 20th May

District Cross Country

Miss Vernon PL 12-3pm - Mrs Potter on class