EC Team Meeting Agenda & Notes

Thursday, May 12, 2016

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Update from Diane

PEIMS- Income tag comes from the lunch app. Rules changed this year...every PK student received free lunch.

It is not acceptable that everyone have an income tag.

List of over 1200 students who have no eligibility tag.

Divide up 1200 names and go to campuses to pull documents and make copies of:

  • PK APP (yellow 4, green 3)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Income (snap letter or check stubs)

1. Jacquie will send email to principals first.

2. We will send email to principal along with last name and student numbers letting them know date you are going.

3. Scan and email or take your own paper.


SEL - Emotion and Behavior Regulation, Positive Social Behaviors

Math - Number Discrimination, Number Naming, Counting sets, Operations

Language and Communication -Syllabication, onset rime, Alliteration, Rhyming 1

Emergent Literacy Reading - Rapid Letter Naming, Rapid Vocabulary

Emergent Literacy Writing - Checklist

Language and Communication checklist

**ACTION: Will put these in the June Newsletter.

Curriculum Update (Melinda)

No longer YPG (yearly planning guide)

Will have several different links...SPG (student performance guide)

  • strategies, lessons, etc.

New PK Guidelines

  • Melinda has highlighted the new information and crossed out the info. that was taken away.
  • Melinda is going through the PK rubrics

1st 9 weeks- August 4th

CWC- June 6-16 @ Sanchez Portable 8:00-3:00

**ACTION: Melinda will write up a piece about the new guidelines for June Newsletter

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Teacher Induction Program (TIP)

  • New to AISD teachers
  • Cohort Days August 10 & 11
  • Grade level changes (ex. upper elementary to primary) are invited to attend.
  • Robbie PK3
  • Sylina PK4 (Cheryl Wootton, Diana McMillan, Cecilia La Cour, Yamile Uribe)
  • Melinda K

What topics should be covered during TIP?

Back to School Get-Togethers

PK3 (July 25th)-

  • No Worksheets
  • Process Art
  • Social Emotional
  • Learning through Play
  • Vocab. development
  • DAP

PK4 (July 18th)-

  • HB4 (family engagement, PD)
  • No Worksheets
  • Process Art
  • New Format YPGs
  • Differentiation
  • Fall PD
  • Engage waves/CPMS assessments
  • Pretend and Learn

KInder (July 25th)-

  • No Worksheets
  • Process Art
  • Social Studies Exemplar Lessons
  • Differentiation
  • New Format YPGs
  • PD (Reading/Writing Workshops)
  • Intro Istation

Other Information

  • June Newsletter due May 25th
  • Back to School Bash- August 6th
  • Another shipment of blocks will be going out on Monday

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