We R Richmond

In School and Community

Stats in the Streets

When entering Richmond School Community, it is important for me to know that:

  1. the median household income is
  • 79% of the people above the age of 25 have a high school diploma.
  • 17% of the people above the age of 25 have a bachelors degree.
  • 26% of people live below the poverty line

The High School

  • is a title 1 rural high school with a 16:1 student to teacher ratio
  • 61% of students benefit from free or reduced lunch prices.
  • helps 68.5% of its high school students pass math ECA
  • helps 79.5% of its high school students pass english ECA
  • has a high school that competes with the state average test scores.
  • suspended 170 students in the '12-13 school year
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The District

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Who is Richmond?

Mission: Richmond Community Schools guides students on pathways of learning to a future of limitless possibilities.


  • spends about $11,000 per student
  • pays teachers a maximum salary that is $20,000 less than the state's maximum salary.
  • has a 93% attendance rate
  • graduates 86% of its students.