Things to to in Canberra

Monday 4th May - Thursday 7th May

Mary Mackillop (1842-1909)

The museum is a ministry of the Sisters of St Joseph and is located on the site in which Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop is buried. The Mary MacKillop Memorial Chapel is adjacent to the museum and is an integral part of a visitor’s experience to the site.
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Parliament House

Parliament House is the meeting facility of the Parliament of Australia located in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Parliament House expects 1 million visitors every year, and is often visited by large school groups.
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Australian Institute of Sport

Since 1981, the AIS has been the cradle of Australia’s national sports system — one that is recognised the world over for its ability to identify, develop and produce world, Olympic and Paralympic champions.
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There are a number of national attractions that are located in close proximity to Questacon. Whether you’d like to stroll the halls of politics or browse portraits of those that have helped to shape our nation, you’ll be able to visit some of our greatest attractions on foot.

War Memorial

The War Memorial is were they have all of the soldiers who fought in WW 1 and WW 2. The War Memorial is located at Treloar Crescent, Campbell ACT. The collections held in the Australian War Memorial reflect a number of wars/armed conflicts with which Australia has contributed across the globe. These include WWI, WWII, Korean War, South African War, Gulf War and many others.
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