The love scene - Act 3 Scene 1

By:Kiarra Sherrod,Jermeria Brown,Aliya Valdez,Mireya Padilla

Theme: When you know sacrifice, you know the true meaning of love

Ferdinand: there be some sports are painful, and their labour delight in them sets off: some kinds of basenesss are nobly undergone and most poor matters point to rich ends this my mean task would be heavy to me as odious, but the mistress which I serve quickens whats dead and makes my labours pleasures .

translation: There are some jobs that hurt but the hurt is what makes them fun: some jobs are done to show nobility and some poor jobs could give you rich results . this would be a dreadful job but I work for a mistress who makes my work pleasant.

Miranda: o my father I have broke your hest to say so.

translation: oh father I have disobeyed your orders by telling him my name.

Character Analysis

Ferdinand: Benevolent

"No, precious creature; I had rather crack my sinews, break my back,Than you should such dishonour undergo, While I sit lazy by" (Shakespeare 21).

Translation: No my darling, I would rather do it myself and break my back, then let you do it yourself while I sit here and do nothing.

Miranda: Compassionate

"My father Is hard at study; pray now, rest yourself; he's safe for these three hours" (Shakespeare 21).

Translation: You are safe for at least three hours because my father is studying hard, so he wont see you. So please rest.

Prospero: Dedicated

"So glad of this as they I cannot be, Who are surprised withal; but my rejoicing At nothing can be more. I'll to my book, For yet ere supper-time must I perform Much business appertaining" (Shakespeare 22).

Translation: I cant be as happy as they are right now. Nothing can make me any happier. So now, I must get back to studying. because I have some business to take care of before dinner" (Shakespeare 22).

Discussion Questions

Q: How does Prospero feel now that his plan has come together?


Q: what does Prospero mean when he says heavens rain grace on that which breeds between 'em?


Q: If Ferdinand did not take Miranda as his wife what did she offer to be?



This scene is important because it shows hat Ferdinand was willing to sacrifice his well being for Miranda sake. This scene actually shows that these two beings actually love each other and they are getting married.