By ashton&colton.b

Sights and food

oman is full of beautiful sights to visit and many friendly city folks. one of its most beautiful sights to see is the ocean. oman has a population of 3.632 million people and lots of new food to try like lamb and beefs of all kinds it has many many musems like the armed forces musem and the sultan qaboos grand mosque

About Oman

Did you know that omans main language is Arabic one of omans traditions are calle allaza and another one is alho-hol omans main sport is ice hockey one of omans main holidays is Muharram its religions are Islam and ibadism I would one reason you should visit Oman is because of it's fun traditions and to learn new things


The climate of Oman can be described as desert climate with low annual rainfall,very high temperatures in summer and a big difference between maximum and minimum temperatures,especially in the inland areas.summer June to September is very low rainfall. By Ashton