January 13 - January 19

CRE Vision

Coyote Ridge will inspire our learners to become innovative, collaborative, life-long designers who contribute to an ever-changing global community.

Week at a glance


Boosterthon pep-rally 1:30 (link to info)

Boosterthon teacher meeting 3:00-3:20

School board meeting


7:25 Donuts with Dad

Technology learning walks (Jerram Froese-Director of Educational Technology) will be walking classrooms). Please let me know if you have something specific planned for this time.

Technology Tuesday (iMovie) sign up in Eduphoria:


Choir Cluster concert @ HHS

RTI 1st grade


Kinder RTI


Staff luncheon (see sign-up genius)

Early release (12:30)

CRE work day



No School


Team leader meeting in LL



Boosterthon fun run

RTI 2nd grade after school


Spirit day - 80's

2:00 Kurzweill training with Laura Reed

***Family bowling night*** please fill out this form to let us know if you are interested or not.

Spirit days

Jan. 17th - CRE Spirit Shirt

Jan. 24th - 80's Day

Jan. 31st - CRE Spirit Shirt


"Logic will get you from A to Z; Imagination will get you everywhere."

~Albert Einstein

January Birthdays!


1/3....Connie Green

1/28 ....Angela Armstrong

Updated Information


*For the next 2 weeks, we will be incorporating Boosterthon team sessions during Enrichment. Please look at this schedule and information pertaining to the Boosterthon fun-run below. (Camp high 5 Boosterthon-Enrichment schedules.

*Our 4th & 5th grade choir will perform at Hebron High School, Wednesday, January 15th at 7:00 PM. The concert is free and also features choirs from Castle Hills El, Independence El, Killian MS & HHS. Come support our HHS Cluster Choirs!

*Health Room News:

On Tuesday we will be conducting Scoli Screening for the 5th Grade. This schedule is approximate. If we can get through some classes faster, great, but some might take a little longer. I will be there sporadically as other student visits may need my attention in the health room.

The following are homeroom’s… I know they might be in different classes at the time specified.

· Thrasher: 9-9:45

· Martinez: 9:50-10:35

· Lott: 10:40-11:25

· Heyen: 11:30-12:15

· Fannin: 12:20-1pm

· Anyone we missed due to alternative classes or other error on my part: 2pm -?

If you could talk to those other classes; leap, MTA etc and let them in on this plan, I would appreciate it.

For ALL other Grade Levels, please know that this will be a busy day. If I am not in the health room, I will be in the fifth grade hall and will have my phone as well as the Walkie with me.

*Also, as some of you may know we have recently had a flu related death in our area, although not in the LISD system. I have sent an alert to parents via the online newsletter as follows: Flu has definitely hit the Texas area and it has hit some families very hard. Please, please, please follow our FEVER POLICY. I have included information, below, from the Center for Disease Control, to reemphasize the important points. But simply, it is this:

· If your child is sick, has a fever of 100 degrees or greater, keep them home. Children with these symptoms should not return to school until they have been “fever free” without the help of fever reducing meds for a full 24 hours. Not adhering to this policy has an effect on each and every child in the school, their parents, older family members in their household, and babies in their household.

In order to get control of the illness instead of it having control of us, please be mindful of this information as it can really help prevent the continued spread of this serious illness.

*Please consider helping the Academic Decathlon on January, 24th. You can fill out the information here:

*Just some FYI about the remainder of this 2nd 9 weeks…

  • Friday, Jan. 17-end of 2nd 9 weeks (early release day)
  • Monday, Jan. 20-MLK Day (no school)
so Tuesday, Jan. 21-grades lock at 11:45pm
  • Friday, Jan. 24-2nd 9 weeks report cards go home with students

*Materials adoption comment deadline in Google docs for Math and Science has been extended. We now have until Feb. 11 to take a look at all the choices as a team and submit some kind of comment about preferences. More information will follow and we will let all teacher know when the full sets of materials come in.

Coyote Pride

~4th Grade is SO grateful for Liana! She gave up her PLANNING PERIOD to work on a little project with our kids for the Boosterthon. What a gem! - 4th Grade Team

~I am so thankful for Stephanie Moore. She is a phenomenal communicator and an incredibly gifted lady who does whatever is necessary to be an advocate for us as teachers, for our students, and for CRE's parents. I count myself lucky to be able to work with her each day. - Dani

~Kindergarten wants to welcome Lindsey Strange to our team while Jennifer is out on maternity leave with her precious Avery!!! We are so glad to have you! ~Kinder team

~Fourth Grade would like to send a HUGE thank you hug to MJ and Dawn for giving us an afternoon to design with our team. We were so productive during the 3 hours!!

~ A HUGE thank you to Jennifer Powers and Liana Alvarez for helping me with Kindergarten Monday and Tuesday as I administered the NNAT test to 80 kinders. Wow! Liana, I appreciate how flexible and helpful you were as well with the preparation for these testing days! Go RR! ~Julie

~I would like to send a shout out to Mrs. Wall! Her awesome suggestion for a new way to use google docs and connect our class to do guess my number was awesome! :) ~McKenzie

~Thank you Mrs. Thrasher for letting me come observe your classroom. Your kids were very responsive to your teaching strategies and eager to learn! I loved some ideas I took with me from my observation! ~Jayme

~Thanks to Dawn for keeping everything running smoothly while I was off campus this week! ~MJ