The Constitutional period


James Madison and the Virginia Plan

The Articles of Confederation has proven to be difficult and simply cannot sustain America any longer. We need to build a government worth calling our own . The Virginia Plan will prove to be beneficial as it will sustain America. The Virginia Plan would have a separation of power allowing for laws to be made. The three new branches of government would the legislative , executive, and judicial. The legislative branch will make the laws, the while the executive would enforce the law, and the judicial will interpret the law. The separation of power is needed to avoid a powerful central government which could possible turn into a tranny.

George Washington and the Federalist Spirit

The Constitution is a brilliant document that we must consider when defining our new government. It is important to have a strong central government to promote economic development and public improvements. I do believe that a republic can prevail because the numerous political fractions would control one another from gaining too much power.

Anti-federalists Speak

The Constitution may have a few correct political views involving our new government, however it makes the federal law the supreme law. Though this does allow for states to govern some issues within the state it may be a space for a tranny or a monarch to take rule. The Virginia Plan is slowing the larger states to be heard rather than all states. In order to balance power between large and small states there should be a two senate s from each state. We as a whole do not feel that the Constitution protects the rights of people and want a Bill of Rights, a document that will set our rights in stone and no one including the government, will be able to void those rights. When we receive the this document only then will we move forward with the Constitution.

James Wilson and the Three- Fifths Compromise

Though southern states want to have power in the congress they cannot count a slave as a person because they are property. This has been discussed and is being dealt with by the Continental Congress. We have decide to let the states slaves be counted as three- fifths of a person in the matter representatives, presidential electors, as well as direct taxes.

The Bill of Rights?

The Anti- Federalists are pushing for a document called the Bills of Rights. If the Bill of Rights is in place than the Anti- Federalists would agree to the Constitution. This document is said that it will protect the rights that the Constitution may void. The main points in the Bill of Rights were expressed in articles one to six. Article 1 states that all have a freedom of speech,press, and religion. Article 2 states the right to bear arm, while article 3 states that you cannot house a solider. Article 4 made search and seizures legal and article 5 stated that no one could be jailed twice for the same crime.

The Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom

The Bill of Rights promoted religious freedom. The Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom is the document that will be set forth for this matter. This document promotes religious liberty and freedom of thought. The Virginia Statue of Religious Freedom also vouched for a separation of the church and state.