The Toll Gator Gazette

December/January 22/23

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Mrs. Kristi Motsch Principal

Erika Lomonico, Assistant Principal

Ebony Woodard, Assistant Principal

Darren Drake, Counselor

Tassie Hall, Secretary

Jaclyn Davis, Office Assistant


The Holiday season is now upon us, and 2022 is coming to a close. It is a good time to reflect back on the many gifts we have been given. We thank you for the gift of your children who we have the privilege of working with each day. We also thank you as parents for the partnership you have helped us to create. As a staff, we feel truly blessed to be along with you and your children, part of the Toll Gate Elementary family. We would like to extend to you our warmest wishes throughout this holiday season. However, you may celebrate this most special time of year, we offer our sincerest wishes that 2023 be a year of peace, health, and prosperity for all of you. We have much left to teach your children in the year ahead, and we look forward to continuing a strong partnership with you. We hope that this season you will give the gift of time to share and enjoy your family and friends.


The Toll Gate Elementary Staff

Letter from the principal

Parents and Guardians,

As our staff looks forward to next semester, it is equally important for us to refer back to our earlier work this year. One document that we use to guide us is our Buildings Continuous Improvement Plan. Our building Leadership Team developed this plan; the plan acts as a vehicle to move us toward better instruction. These plans have led us, as both educators and learners to effective methods that improve student learning & generate more authentic teaching practices. Our building is focusing on providing successful criteria so that students are aware of the requirements to master the materials. It is important that students recognize the strategies they need to successfully complete their learning. Our building leadership team also worked with our entire staff to create non-negotiables here at Toll Gate. These include:

Growing Leaders in Our Students

We believe that students thrive in a safe and engaging learning environment. This means that we will allow students to lead their learning through goal setting, strategy selection, and tracking progress. We believe that this will build confidence and independence in our students.

Growing Leaders in Ourselves

We believe that it is important to hold ourselves accountable for providing positive and engaging experiences for all students. This means that we will continually examine and develop our practices through reflection, collaboration, and embracing new ideas that improve our practice. We believe that this collective effort will build capacity in teaching and learning.

We are excited & honored to continue our journey towards offering the highest quality services for your children.

Most Sincerely,

Kristi Motsch and the Toll Gate Elementary Staff

Dates to remember

Dec 15th - Family Learning Walk

5:00PM-6:00PM - Families with the last name starting with A-L.

6:30PM-7:30PM - Families with the last name starting with M-Z .

Dec 20th - End of Quarter

Dec 21st-Jan 4th No School

Jan 5 - Return to school

Jan 16th - No School, Martin Luther King Day

Counselor Notes

Toll Gate Elementary

Do You Need Holiday Toy Help?

Please contact Mr. Drake - School Counselor -

(614)834-6315 or

Below is information on how to

Help with the Toy Drive!!!

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Fun Times With Ms. Woodard

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Enjoy a family night From Toll Gate elementary

Join us for an evening event for the WHOLE FAMILY! Toll Gate Elementary School is hosting a learning walk where your students can guide you around the whole school to look at student work (their work included). Student work, including design challenge projects, will be showcased on the walls and around the school.

We hope to see you on December 15, 2022, to celebrate all of the grit, perseverance, and dedication TGES students are showing!

Due to the size of our school and parking spaces, we have divided the evening into 2 celebrations:

Dec 15, 2022 —> Families the last name starting with A-L from 5:00-6:00 PM.

—> Families last name starting with M-Z from 6:30-7:30 PM.

G.O.O.D. Winners (Going On Or Defeated)

The good program shines the spotlight on students who work hard, exhibit good citizenship, and develop good study habits.

These are our G.O.O.D Students for the first quarter:

Emma Heiberger

Willow Frease

Addison Jackson

Brody Hartley

Gwen Bond

Everett Martinson

Elliot Grose

Birthday Book Club

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Schools Fees

If you have not already paid your fees, they may be paid at the school office, district office, or online at infinite Campus parent portal. In the school office, we can accept checks payable to PLSD or the exact cash amount. You may also pay at the district office. ( 90 East Street )by credit card. School Fees are for consumable items.

Kindergarten $19

First Grade - $18

2nd Grade - $18

3rd Grade - $24

4th Grade - $24