New Stylist- Ready, Set, Go!

Welcome Kirsten!!

Now that you are engulfed into everything STELLA and DOT... it's time to get you off to a great start! As your sponsor, I am here every step of the way to make sure you love what you do! And I'm so excited to help!

There is a ton of training that can be done on your own time in the lounge! Have fun browsing the videos and getting to know our home office.

I have also added you to our team page on Facebook! Now it's time for some FUN!

Are you ready??? I have some CHALLENGES for YOU over the next 4 weeks!
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I have a fun three part challenge for you! If you complete all four parts by your 30 days, you will earn yourself some DISPLAY items!

Here we go...
#1: Schedule a 15 minute call with me once a week for the first month. We will go over the basics and I will help you book your first four shows! Do Tuesday nights work?? I can also use VOXER (free app) which is AWESOME and we can chat whenever/wherever!

#2: Book FOUR shows in your first 60 days! Have four dates ready to go by Day 30! This is proven to get you off to a fast and successful start! The more you do in your jumpstart, the more $$$$ you'll make and the more products you will earn for FREE! Oh... and yes, you'll meet a TON of strangers you will book and continue your business with! Here are examples of who/how you can book some shows fast.

  • Show #1: Your launch- everyone comes to support you!
  • Show #2: Your BFF hosts a show with her co-workers (people you don't really know)
  • Show #3: A family member hosts with her friends/extended family
  • Show #4: An old friend you are trying to catch up with-maybe from college or high school.

#3: Sell $1000 in your first 30 days!! Guess what happens if you do this?? You earn a Quick Start Jumpstart! YAY! This is $100 in product credits (10% back for jumpstart) and the Quick Start Bonus of $100! This can be done with one to two shows!

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I believe in YOU! Are you ready for this?? Let's have FUN and do this together!!

Complete all of these tasks by your 30th day and I'll send you a set of 5 TRAYS!
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Sponsor ONE new stylist in your Jumpstart that goes on to qualify (sell $500) in her jumpstart and I'll treat you to...


It's much more fun with a FRIEND! Share the joy of Stella and Dot and start your own team. Bringing a friend along or offering our business opportunity to customers can be rewarding both personally and financially. Think you don't know enough yet to start your own team?? I'm here to help train you both!

PS. You also will be rewarded $300 in Product Credit if your new stylist sells $1000 in her Jumpstart!

Choosing Samples! (THE MOST FUN PART!)

Although the Stylist Lounge has a recommended list for new stylists, you are welcome to choose whatever pieces you would like for your display. The good news is three fold. 1. You already have so many pieces that you are able to use and show others at your trunk shows. 2. You have the extra $100 in FREE product. 3. We can do your first trunk show as your launch and get you even more FREE product credit! YAY!

My recommendations for pieces:

  • Make sure you get 1 statement (any finish)
  • Any engravable. People LOVE to customize for gifts and always want to see examples for inspiration.
  • Get a statement earring, as well as a pair of Deja Vu studs. People LOVE those.
  • Do an arm party that YOU will wear.
  • Get a bag to show off.
  • Versatility is huge. Most of our pieces can be worn different ways but you'll want to be able to show that to your customers- have a piece that can be worn different ways and is "easy" to show.

Other than that- get what YOU like. If you LOVE it, you'll wear it. If you wear it, people will notice. When people notice, they ask. When they ask, you show your excitement. Excitement is contagious. :-)