Dodge City Middle School

Cardinal library celebrates Art in the school

Cardinal artists participate in the Dream Rocket Project

When you think of a Saturn V moon rocket, you don't imagine it wrapped in 8,000 unique one of kind quilt squares. But that in fact will happen as the end product of a nation wide art project to celebrate student artwork and the connection to science and space.
Jennifer Marsh, professor of Art at Washburn University is the driving force behind the project and she contacted art teachers around the state. Mrs. Stateler, our art teacher, saw this as an excellent opportunity to not only get the students involved in this exciting project but also to show them the connections between art and science. And so research on space exploration and planning for quilt squares began by 8th grade art students here at our school.

All that work pays off!

Just like a writer goes through many revisions of their work so an artist works and reworks a piece of art. Research ideas became rough drafts, rough drafts were revised, final plans generated media choices and finally quilt squares were created. The finished products were sent to the Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchinson, Kansas and were put on display there. On Sunday, February 9th, the students and Mrs. Stateler traveled to Hutchinson to see their pieces along with the others from around the state. We want to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Marsh, the Cosmosphere and everyone involved in the Dream Rocket Project for allowing students from Dodge City Middle School to be a part of this one of a kind exhibit.