Mrs. Gard's 2nd Grade Newsletter

Last week of School (week of May 23, 2016)


We made it to our last week of 2nd grade together. You are smarter. You are older. You are ready for third grade! :) This just happens to be the last week of 2nd grade this year for all of us, because Mrs. Gard will be going to Kindergarten next year! So make sure you come down to say hello when you get a chance!

What are we doing this week?

This week....

*First of all, grades are in, which means there are no more tests!

*We are having fun this week!

Monday - We're going to write as if we were astronauts, do our classroom addition board races, read our Journey's book one more time, and then collect those books and magazines to make sure they don't go home with you over the summer! You'll also be going to your last specials' class this year!

Tuesday - We're doing ourclassroom subtraction board races, eating lunch early at 10:55, using Google Classroom to write about what you've learned this year, use SeeSaw to tell me about some of your favorite memories of 2nd grade, and maybe even a craft! There will be no specials today, because it's FIELD DAY in the afternoon! Get ready to do your VERY BEST and win those games!

Wednesday - We will do another fun activity, maybe watch a few cool space and dinosaur exploration videos, and have our classroom Spelling Bee. We are also going to work on getting our library organized, our desks cleaned, our room ready to go for the summer, write a letter to Kindergartners and maybe do a few, fun read alouds, like Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. There are no specials today either, so we've got lots of time together!

Thursday - OUR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL TOGETHER! There are no specials today, but we will be with everyone at the Celebration of Learning today at 9:30a.m. in the gym. Afterwards, we will get together with the whole 2nd grade, and watch our classroom addition, subtraction, and spelling bee winners compete against each other to become 2nd grade overall winners! We will continue to organize our classroom, take everything that's ours home, and enjoy our last day together with fun things to do!

Friday - You'll be at home, enjoying your first day of summer break, and Mrs. Gard will be at the school enjoying her last day with her teacher friends! :)

If you want to write to Mrs. Gard over the summer:

My email is ...

You can also write me a letter if that's easier, and send it to ...

224 N. Walnut St. Union City, IN 47390