16 is too young to drive!

My Idea

Teens all over the world get in car accidents everyday. This topic is talked about on the daily. Many people think it is because the immaturity and inexperience, but there is also people who think teens driving at 16 will make lives more convenient for the parents of these teens. I personally think 16 is way to young of an age for people to be able to drive freely.

Why teens should not be driving

Responsibility is a big topic that comes up when asking if teens should be able to drive at 16. It is a proven fact that 16-19 year old's are not mature and responsible enough to be driving. Having more restrictions on how much experience would also help considering multiple people including the three from New York have died while in drivers ed. Little amounts of people die while in Drivers Ed and that number just increases once the teens are out of Drivers Ed. Its a prove fact that the teens brain is not developed enough. Lastly 1 out of every 5 sixteen year old's get in an accident in their first year of driving.