Six Burgundy Update

* Challenger Learning Center - Periods 1 and 2 on Wednesday - Periods 3 and 4 on

Thursday. Please read the science blurb below with more information.

* Social Studies Museum Tour on April 9th.

* No school on April 19th.

Mr. Loomis - Math

All math students will take the third and final Scantron Math test on April 8 and 9. We are hoping that students will demonstrate their mathematical growth over the year on this final test.

Pre-Algebra 6 students have begun to study about the circumference and area of circles. In addition, they are review important pieces of fractions, decimals, and percents that will help prepare them for seventh grade.

Pre-Algebra 7 students have started to study three-dimensional shapes, as well as review pre-algebra concepts in preparation for starting algebra next year.

Algebra 1A students are finishing their study of proportional concepts in Chapter 5. After the Scantron test, they will begin to study systems of equations in the final chapter of the algebra book.

Mrs. Smith – Science

Students have started the geology unit. We are discussing Earth and how it moves, plate tectonics, mountain building, and will be discussing rocks and minerals and how they form. My 1st and 2nd period classes will attend The Challenger Learning Center on Wednesday. First period will leave the school at 8:30 and return about 11:45ish. Second period needs to bring a sack lunch and eat before they leave at about 11:45ish. On Thursday, 3rd period will leave at 8:30 and return at about 11:454ish. My 4th period class needs to bring a sack lunch and eat before they leave for Challenger Center.

Mrs. Sayler – Social Studies

The Museum tour for the 6th grade teams is scheduled for Tuesday April 9th. We will be visiting the other teams and they will come to our Pod to have a look at our biography projects. We are currently studying the history of Mexico and will be ready to finish the unit test on Friday April 12. The plan is to continue our theme of Geography, history and then current events in each of the countries of the Caribbean and South America.

Mrs. Ramirez – Language Arts

Weeks of April 8-19, 2013

Vocabulary List #7—Story Time assignment due April 9, and the Quiz will be on Tuesday, April 16.

Focus for 4th Quarter will be on Friendship and Bullying—we will be reading short stories, nonfiction and poetry related to the topics.

4th quarter Outside Reading Project is due May 9.