Monkeys Paw

By: Chad Derwin

Paragraph about the story

Monkeys paw is a short story that i have read... its a short horror story by: W. W. Jacobs. The short story was published in Englend in 1902. There is a "setup" that some authors use and its called "The 3 wishes are granted setup". This short story has a paw of a dead monkey. Its a talisman, and there is a professor and the paw grants it 3 wishes. The wish have a really big price that will interfere with his fate during the story...

The plot of Monkeys paw


The story involves Mr. and Mrs. White and their adult son Herbert. Sergeant-Major Morris, a friend of the Whites who has been part of the British Armed Forces in India, leaves them with the monkey's paw, telling of its mysterious powers to grant three wishes, and of its journey from an old fakir to his comrade, and he used the third and final wish to wish for death.