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Action Items:

Please take action on the following items:

  • Review Grading Dates with your admin team and send feedback to Jeff T.
  • Read the Hate Speech and Behavior Policy and Procedure - provide feedback
  • Prepare for October with the highlights below

Secondary Grading Dates

See the link for secondary grading dates. These have been checked by our registrar team and ready for principal feedback.

If you have any feedback, please let Jeff Tetrick know by the end of the day on Monday.

Grading Dates

High School Principals: We would like to have standard guidelines for when Senior grades are due. Please send feedback to Jeff T.



Hate Speech and Behavior

Please review a proposed hate speech and behavior policy and procedure, developed by a team of over 15 educators, including principals from all levels, paraeducators, classified staff, and directors. Throughout the process, feedback was gathered from various teachers and staff – what you have in front of you is the result of multiple iterations and powerful, efficient conversations.

As we continue developing the bias and equity team, co-chaired this year by Meagan and Janis, and bias reporting system, the policy and procedure can offer guidance to our actions and ensure each leader has an accessible network of support.

Use the button at the end to add your feedback.

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Don't forget to share your feedback at the end!

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Hispanic/Latine/x/a/o Heritage Month

Remember that it's still Hispanic/Latine/x/a/o Heritage Month and prepare for October - please see the Annual Timeline for teaching and learning resources

2022-2023 Annual Celebrations & Traditions Resources

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Highlights include:

  • Latine Heritage Night - WWU Soccer - Oct. 1 (free tickets are available for Latine students, contact Janis or Isabel)
  • Dior Vargas - Oct. 12
  • Indigenous Peoples' Day event - Oct. 10, community event, clock hours available, free Coast Salish dinner
  • Days of fasting
  • Filipino Heritage Month
  • Disability History Month

Key Information:

Important things to be aware of:

Welcoming Visitors and Volunteers into our Schools

Dear Building Administrators and Administrative Assistants,

I hope everyone has had a great start to the school year! Here is some information to help things run smoothly in regard to welcoming Visitors and Volunteers into our school buildings this year.

Visitors are people who come to our buildings for singular events & purposes—attending specific events, activities, assemblies, guest speaker, picture day or presenter. Visitors are not required to complete the volunteer protocols, including vaccine verification.

In-Person Volunteers (includes classroom/building volunteers and field trip chaperones) are required to complete the volunteer application and be on the approved volunteer list. Under order of the governor of WA State, all volunteers are required to verify their COVID-19 vaccine status for the 22-23 school year which is completed through the volunteer application. However, unvaccinated volunteers may apply to be an “Outdoor” volunteer which are identified in a spreadsheet column when you download the approved volunteer list. Outdoor volunteers may support recess and outside field trips, not inside school buildings.

Medical/Religious Exemptions are available to parents/guardians of Bellingham students only. These folks must complete the volunteer application up to the section that requires the vaccine upload and then contact me for details on the exemption process.

Practicum, student teachers, and interns from WWU or other universities are required to be on the approved volunteer list. When you are exporting your list of approved volunteers there is a separate approval list for these students titled ‘Approved-Practicum/Student Teaching/Student Internship Volunteers’.

Volunteer Applications are processed on Mondays and Thursdays each week. If you need an application expedited, email or call me at 647-6848.

To help ensure the safety of students and staff it is essential that front office staff keep an updated list of approved volunteers and make sure a volunteer is on that list before allowing them into our school buildings. If you require assistance accessing your school’s approved volunteer list through the volunteer portal, please let me know and I can schedule a tutorial with you.

Visitor or Volunteer badges can be ordered through in the print shop.

Thank you in advance for sharing these guidelines with your staff so we are all on the same page moving forward. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have further questions regarding the above information or the volunteer program in general.

- Jennifer Gaer

Good To Know:

Reminders and ongoing work.


We simply don't have time to do a perfect TPEP process with 30 people, so click here: 22-23 TPEP legal requirements and best practices.docx and scroll down to view guidance on how to prioritize your precious TPEP time.
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National Coffee Day - September 29th

Drink up! We are almost to the weekend.
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Enjoy the last days of September...Take advantage of the great weather!..............Enjoy Volume 82.

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