When you buy HCG drops Australia

dieters can start losing weight successfully

When you buy HCG drops Australia dieters can start losing weight successfully

The hardest part of losing weight is keeping that weight off even after the diet has finished. Sometimes known as yo-yo dieting, many overweight people find that they are on a path that they can't leave, where each unsuccessful diet is followed by further weight gain and a feeling of failure that is often connected to attempts to lose weight. Rather than sticking to the traditional formula of forcing weight loss, many people in Australia are turning to another solution, known as HCG. This amazing weight loss program can help people even if they have been struggling with dieting for years.

A history of HCG
The beginnings of HCG lay in the experiments of a British endocrinologist known as Dr Simeons. He initially used the diet in the 1950s to treat patients with medical hormonal weight gain, and involved a strict diet of 500 calories a day, plus injections of human chorionic gonadotrophin. He experienced some success with this treatment in his patients, and decided to progress to treating overweight and obese patients also under his care. The repeated success of the diet lead Dr Simeons to publish a book called 'Pounds and Inches: a new approach to obesity'. This was ignored for many decades, until the current century and the modern obesity crisis. Weight loss experts discovered that modern technology could eliminate the need for injections by creating HCG drops.

Why HCG drops work
When you first buy HCG drops Australia dieters may be sceptical of the claims of the weight loss program, particularly if they have experience of unsuccessful dieting in the past. It is natural to want to be sure that you are going to get a successful outcome this time before you spend any money. In order to be more secure about your weight-loss project, you may be interested in learning how the drops work.
The HCG program begins by asking the dieter to go on a full-fat diet for 2 days, and then go on a restrictive diet for the next two weeks. During the latter period, you will only be eating around 500 calories every day from a restricted menu, and you will also be taking the diet drops which you have bought. In this period, you should lose no more than 1kg a day.

Is this the best solution for me?
Before taking the next step to buying HCG drops, Australia dieters should consider whether it is the perfect diet for them. If you can't bear the thought of eating only 500 calories a day, or were looking for a diet that you could keep from family and friends, then this is not the diet for you. However, if you are committed to weight loss, HCG diet drops can help you.

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