A Few Pieces Of My Heart


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My name is Jasmine Marie Franks. I go by Jay if you know me well enough otherwise it's just Jasmine. Not a clue where to start my life is not your typical one. I was born in Angleton, Texas on February 11, 1996. I'm all sorts of things like.... charismatic, artistic, ambitious, reliable, but then again I'm big-headed on occasions, devious, and I used to be one of the biggest procrastinators. I'm literally in love with music! I compose my own music, play a ton of instruments but I've always been biggest on guitars. I started playing when I was 9 as well as singing.

Favorite Memory

Teaching my little brothers how to control our horse Rico.

Favorite Animal

A definite tie between wolves and lions :)

Favorite Hobby <3

Fishin with my crew ;P