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What is “Media” and what does it mean to be “Media Literate”? (SMORE 1)

The media. It’s everywhere. The media is how a lot of people get their news. From keeping up with the Kardashian in the tabloids to knowing what is happening to the countries on the other side of the world and being informed with the politics happening in our own backyards. The media is news coming from our own small towns to it coming from all around the world. The news can come from a lot of places. You can read it in TV, magazines, newspapers, on the internet, on most apps and now even in an app being used by most teenagers called Snap Chat. The media is growing and it’s growing fast. Along with the media and if you keep up with it then that’s being “Media Literate”. “Media Literate” is keeping up with the current events happening from around the world to just our small towns. Being up to date with the politics in the presidential debates to knowing that japans schools are more prepared for an earthquake than schools in America. Although being “Media Literate” is keeping up with the media around the world and in our own small towns it is only limited to the people keeping up with both sides of the media. For example the terrorists attacks. One media might just say that all the Muslims are the same and they are all terrorist but a being a true “Media Literate” is knowing that they also have to look at other sources on the same topic about the terrorist attacks and gather information about that and not just be narrow sighted with the one media being read. Being “Media Literate” is gathering information about the topic at hand in the media by different means of media not just one.

Super Bowl Commercials Are Here! (SMORE 3)

The commercial Ketchup Game Day Hot Dog by Heinz, implies that their ketchup brand is loved by all, even by dogs. The company Heinz supports this by showing in the commercial showing little wiener dogs in wiener costumes running towards people dressed in all type of Heinz ketchup; also, in the commercial it shows that the people dressed in the Heinz ketchup bottles loved the dogs and so it also implies that Heinz love to make their customers happy, and lastly it implies that Heinz ketchup brand isn't only for special occasions(as super bowl game day) but as an everyday thing as well. Heinz used the little wiener dogs in wiener costumes in order to catch the viewer's interest and to entertain their amusement and lastly to make them feel like Heinz ketchup brand can be trusted. Heinz's main audience in this commercial is adults of any to every backgrounds, as in adults with families or solitary adults in a funny, caring tone that amuses the target audience.
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Society and The Ads Made (SMORE 4)

Today you are able to see, read, and even listen to advertisements from all types of brands selling all types of products. Many people that view the products that the advertisements are selling are prone into buying said product. One can say that many ads are on television. This being said, the companies that are buying air time so that their ads can be viewed are made to catch the viewer's attention. Many ads are funny or appeal to any or all of the viewer’s senses. Now days many ads show that the woman of the relationship is the one “wearing the pants” or in control of the relationship and the decisions taken in the relationship. Socially, this is now acceptable because many find this to be true. A lot of ads are mostly reflecting on society values and how society is now. Society has accepted the ads aired on TV, newspapers, magazines and the radio. The ads don’t socially deem anybody or anything. That’s not their goal, their goal is to sell their product and that usually means by appealing to their target audience or viewers. For the companies buying air time for their products, it means selling them by a means possible.
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Hypocrisy in Ads (SMORE 5)

Hypocrisy is written all over advertising. A lot of advertisements has little parts in them where you can clearly see hypocrisy. Many are about women and how they were usually treated but then it takes a twist to show that women aren’t like how they used to be. In other ads it’s about the male role, it shows that some males are less dominant than how they are usually portrayed in the older days in society. It’s all about the companies buying the ad time and how they want to capture the attention of the target audience. While some ads decide to target their hypocrisy on the male role more than the female role while other companies do the opposite. Many of the hypocrisy don’t offend many people now, the women feel overpowered and the men couldn’t really care about the ad Many of the hypocrisy comes from ads that usually portray something about the male or female role. Let’s take a valentines day’s ad because tomorrow is valentine, the female role are usually very happy about what their male partner is going to get them. Usually for the male role in these types of events make them usually uncomfortable. While there is a lot more hypocrisy in the ads then what is said, it’s everywhere and we see it all the time.

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Should Apple Help the FBI? (SMORE 6)

Recently there has been a lot of talk and arguments about the remarks that Apple has said about helping out the FBI in their investigation on the San Bernardino shooting. While the FBI is a government based organization and can get its hands on basically anything, it’ll still need the consent from Apple to do what they want with the Iphone they got from the shooter. The FBI would want the help of Apple to be able to unlock the Iphone and be able to get more intelligence of the party behind the shooting. In all respect to those people who died that day and to their families as well, I don’t believe apple should give into that the FBI wants from them. If apple gives the FBI what they want and help them make a “backdoor” for the iphone that’ll put a lot of people’s personal information at risk. All of Apples customers will have their information for anybody with the hacking abilities for grabs. Even if it wasn’t an Apple phone with their customers at risk anybody wouldn’t allow having their private information up to grabs like that. It’s a right we all have as citizens that we have our security in both our homes and with our information. In my opinion Apple has the right to deny to help out the FBI and to try to protect their customers and not make the backdoor to unlock the iphone.

Freedom of Privacy (SMORE 7)

“To assure our country’s freedom, the government should be able to spy on its citizens”. When you tell a friend or a parent if they agree with this they would usually automatically say no they don’t. And I would too. To say that the government has total access on what its citizens do is a violation of our freedom. Every living person loves their freedom and everybody should have it. To assure our country’s freedom , the government should be able to spy on its citizens is a total violation of freedom. The act of them spying contradicts with the freedom of privacy. It’s our right to have our privacy. That’s why we have fences that why we have passwords we don’t share with other people. We love our privacy and we love to keep things private. We really wouldn’t like if the government would go through our things without our consent first. Even if many others will argue that the governments do it for our safety, the act contradicts with the freedom laws. But also the government does not need to spy on its citizens because they don’t need to know anything more about its citizens to protect them. The government can spy on us but it won’t distort our freedom (except privacy) but it will have an effect on our pursuit of happiness. Also you can think of it as the government is only good as its citizens, but also it can also mean that the country itself is not a free country. It just all depends on the situation itself.

Get it Straight (SMORE 8)

While researching statements said by our fellow presidential candidates, I found out that most of them (Donald Trump) might have to take a very cold shower because their pants stay getting on fire. The candidates kept on stating things that have absolute no proof (once again mostly Donald Trump) and that on occasions are all opinion based they are trying to sell to the people just to get votes. While yes this is the main point to the candidates we have the right to actually know what and who we choose to be our president. If we are being feed lies and total opinion based things that manipulate us into voting for them, how will we actually know who is right to be president and run the country millions live in. This is why its very important to research the statements being said by the candidates we will have to vote for in the presidential event taking place in this upcoming November. If one candidate states something that is way out there and there is absolute no truth behind it why would we even consider voting for them ? We wouldn't want a liar as president. Even saying that sometimes we cant rely on the media to tell us the full truth, or sometimes they don't give out the full truth because it might offend someone and things are just left out. Important things that we might actually need to know. The problem with not looking up the truth is that we are actually accepting the false facts and the lies and that will affect us in the short term and of course the long term when the candidate who wins the honor of being president keeps on giving us lies and when the truth comes out it'll be even more hard on everybody and it might lead to very not good things to our country.

Ain't Rebellion (SMORE 9)

These rebellions were so powerful because of the amount of effect it left on their countries. The amount of people that were involved in it and if either the military or gunfire was involve in the revolution. In some occasions it was because of the people themselves. In some occasions what one person that was part of the rebellion did. For example Rosa Parks standing up to the white man that wanted her seat that was in the “blacks only” section of the bus. She was only one person and yet she made a big effect on the rebellion for everybody else. It made them want to stand up more and take what was right for a human being no matter what color. Many people are inspired by the act in many ways and for many reasons. Some is because they know the injustice taking place around them and want to stand up in what they believe is right. Others is because they had some sense knocked into them and made them see the wrong in doing the things they were doing. Some techniques used in the rebellions was just plain out speaking in front of an audience. Getting the audience railed up and making them understand the wrong or the right in doing such things. For example Martin Luther King Jr. he just spoke to people and stood up for what he felt and knew was right and that was one of the techniques he used. He was also a non-violence protest kind of person and insisted for his followers to do the same. The type of rebellion a lot of us see today is the Donald Trump rallies. A lot of people who are against him are throwing fights in his rallies and making things a lot more difficult for Trump and his followers. A lot of people are doing this because they believe what Trump says in his speeches and what he does are total lies and so they rebel in the worst possible way, fights. If push comes to shove the people that are following Trump will have to have a lot more security and that’s when a lot of things go south and might also end up getting people injured or even killed. The Trumps rally fights aren’t the only rebellion we see today but some aren’t as big as others but in the long shot they all mean the same.

Science and Technology, A Heaven Sent? (SMORE 11) FIXED

In my own words I believe that science and technology can either make us or break us in the future. I say thins because of all the things we've accomplished with science and technology like being able to send a man up to the moon and in the future we might be able to send a man to mars all because of science and technology. But as all that sounds great and science and technology can make us it can also definitely break us. Along with the good things science and technology has brought us, it also brought us bad things like biological warfare and advances of the army's weapons, weapons that were built to defend the country but also cause so much harm to a human or animal, causing them death. Technology and science can be a heaven sent but it can also be an angel in disguise.

Happiness v. Freedom (SMORE 12) FIXED

For a lot of people when you ask them "what do you choose? Happiness or freedom?" You might be surprised their answers. For me I pick neither because one cannot live without the other if you think about it. For one, happiness may be freedom and vice versa but if you choose happiness instead of freedom then one might not really be happy because you won't have freedom to do what you want to do. If you choose freedom then you won't be happy because with freedom also comes not being able to get protected or to protect oneself. For many it just all depends what one wants at the end of the day and that can always change. In society today it's really sad that many might not know that you can't live without one another. When Winston said that in the mend men choose happiness, I didn't agree because it's not true. One can't live without the other and that's the end of it, that is the truth. Once one you choose one will want the other one too and vice versa and that's when the concept of not being able to live with one or the other comes into play.

Gaslighters (SMORE 13)

Gaslighting is basically one saying a lie and making it seem so real that other believes that the lie isn’t a lie but the truth but know that the rational thinking is that the lie is a lie. Its gotten very much popular in the American public because a lot of American politics have a huge association with gaslighting. As well as everyday lives, some criminals say it to get out of life in prison or even little kids say it to get out of trouble from their parents. Gaslighting is also used for when policemen or federal policemen want to interrogate a person with a lie detector on them. The person might lie to the point where even him himself believe it and the lie detector won’t pick it up as a lie but a truth. One way we can combat this is to basically remind the person lie of what they have said before and not to fall into their gaslighting lies. We can record them and what they say or just remind them of what they say. We can also speak the truth at the time when the lie is told. To the people that love to gaslight there are also people who like to speak the truth and only the truth.

Can We Auto-correct Humanity? (SMORE 14)

Today everybody is so connected to their phones and laptops and tablets that they are really missing the true human connection to one another. Many are afraid that in the very near future we won't be able to socialize without the help of a smart phone or anything electronic. We can change this. We can limit our time on our electronics ad actually go out and see your friends or families. Get into a car and drive to your friends house and have a girls night in or a boys night in. We don't need technology to have fun that's why we need to limit ourselves on the internet. Today we are so addicted to going on the media and taking everything in on it and we don't pay attention on what's really going on around us. This addiction we have, we can break from it we just have to limit ourselves. Control our urges because if not the media is what really controlling us. To me, I'm going to limit my internet access and actually have human contact not just by the internet but have an actual conversation face to face with another human being. I won't let the technology we have access to now to get a control of my life. I won't become a slave to it, I'll use it but when i have to do actual work with it like my homework or to email a colleague about important matters. I won't become its slave; I want to be able to control my doings now and in the future.