Caring for Ill Children

CHSN Chapters 4

Thoughts for this week...

Chapters 4 in your textbook contain a lot of technical information that you need to become very familiar with. The S'More lesson this week will be fairly brief to give you extra time to work on mastering this text content. You will be watching one video clip and reading one letter from a teacher to a parent and writing a reflection.

Father Son Interview

Read the brief intro but be sure to watch the video interview. Parents of special needs students are amazing people!

Letter from a Teacher

This letter answers a lot of questions about what it is like to teach in an early childhood classroom where there are children with diverse needs...which is always the case.

Ill Children S'More Dropbox Reflection

Your assignment related to the video interview you watched and the letter you read is to write a thoughtfully considered paragraph about EACH ONE. Gear your thoughts as an early childhood teacher who will potentially be working with children who have special needs in your classroom. What are the things you are excited about? What things worry you? How did the things you saw and read for this assignment impact you as a teacher/future teacher? Make this reflection 'gut level honest'. There is no judging here.

When your thoughtfully written responses are complete, bring them to class with you on Tuesday, Feb. 6.