Casey Dillon

Baseball player, manager, and coach By:Mikoya

Growing up....

Casey Dillon was born on July 30,1890 in Kansas City, Missouri. He was the youngest out of three. Casey went to Central High School. He dropped out of high school in 1909, and joined Kansas City Blues. Casey left baseball to study dinterstry at Western Dental College but went back to baseball.

Baseball Life...

Everyone has struggles in their life but I think Casey's I think were the hardest. After three seasons in witch Brooklyn team struggled to win games,he was fired. Casey was most remberd for manging the best known the New York Yankees and helped them win seven world sereis championship from 1949 to 1960.In 1916 he took part in the world series with Brooklyn.He got his nickname from kc from there roots and cheers.Yogi Berra, Mikey Mantel, And Joe Dimagao led his team to five strighit world series victories from 1949-1953.

Other Information or Interesting Facts

He left baseball in 1918 to serve iin the U.S navy during world war 1.When he was younger he also played basketball,football,and on baseball teams. Casey married Edna Lawson. They were married for more than 50 years but never had any children. That is all about Casey Stengle.