Food Sustainability

Meat-Based or Plant-Based?

Effects of a Meat-Based Diet?

Two billion people in the world live primarily on a meat-based diet. Americans are eating close to 200 pounds of meat, poultry and fish per capita per year and the global demand of meat has multiplied in the past few years. Nearly 10 billion animals are killed every year. The animals that are being killed are being fed a lot of grain to fatten up. The more grain that is fed to the animals, the worse it is for humans. Grain being fed to the animals can lead to serious medical problems for humans. That is why meat is something that people are encouraged to consume less of.

Effects of a Plant-Based Diet?

The plant based diet is called Lactoovovegeterian. The Lactoovovegeterian diet enables individuals to meet basic nutrient needs. Four Billion people live primarily on a plant-based/Lactoovovegeterian diet. Because they don’t eat meats and fish, they tend to just eat more foods likes sweets and oils. So their food tends to weight more. So it isn't always a healthy way to live but its better than a primarily meat-based diet.