By Imane Tahtah

About the author...

I had the honor to interview the author, Nermin Tahtah, of the book: 8 Ghost Stories.

"How old were you when you wrote the book?" "I wrote it like a year ago, so I was 12 years old." "So you're 13 years now. When did you become interested in ghost? Or aren't you interested in ghost?" "No, I am really interested in ghost otherwise I wouldn't bother to write this book. I was around 10 when I started doing research about ghost." "And do you believe they exist?" "Yes I do, I've experienced it."


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The book has different ghost stories and one of them is based on a real life expierence. So I asked her about that life expierence and this is what she said...

"So tell me more about your life experience!" "Well, actually one of the 8 ghost stories is about my life experiences." "Which one?" "It's called 'Room 7'." "Oh, is it a hotel ghost like you see in the movies?" "Yes kind of. I remember, before becoming interested, always being scared of ghost because of that experience at the hotel." "How old were you actually?" "I was around 6 years old I guess." "So did you change a bit about the story to make it extra exciting for people to read." "Yes I did because I like to ad a little drama for that extra excitement." "Okay, tell me your story." "Well, on Christmas Eve we checked into a hotel. The first thing i noticed was a big panting on the wall. There weren't any rooms left except for one. Room 7. First the receptionist didn't want us to stay in that room, but after my parents kept on asking why, he told us. He started by looking at the panting, then he went on and said: "That's my grandfather, this hotel was his. He used to sleep in room 7 and that's were he died. And he still sleeps there, first we didn't know, but the people who stayed in that room kept on complaining about hearing noises. They never saw anyone, until one day when a woman ran downstairs crying, yelling and pointing at this painting saying: "It's him! I saw him!" and that's when we knew that room is my grandfather's place, officially. So we decided to not let people stay in that room." My parents were to stubborn to leave the hotel and stayed there till the receptionist let us stay in room 7. And that's where my story begin and I'm not gonna blab out the story of the book. You need to read it yourself. (winky face)"

Ms. Tahtah still doesn't have a name for her next book yet, it's gonna come out late November 2016. It's also gonna be a ghost inspired story and I can guarantee you it's gonna be as exciting as "8 ghost stories" or even more exciting!