Unified China

By: Byrne D, Mason I, Sawyer M, Hamzah N

Geography by: Sawyer

They built the Great Wall of China that was 25 feet tall and protected China from incoming enemies and invaders. The wall was later restored by Emperor Wu Ti. In Unified China there were rivers, mountains and deserts. The two rivers were the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. The Himalayas were a huge mountain range that protected them from enemies on the other side. The two deserts they had were the Gobi Desert and the Taklimakan Desert.

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Society by: Byrne and Mason

The Han dynasty took over after the Shang dynasty fell and lasted over 400 years. One of there many achievements was the silk road and was used as a trading rout. Once iron became common they started using it for hydraulics systems. The new hydraulic systems were used for digging river beds deeper. The new inventions they made was paper, porcelain, and the wheelbarrow.

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Interesting Facts by: Hamzah

  • The western Han (206BC - 24AD) was regarded as the first unified and powerful empire in Chinese history.
  • Han Gaozu AKA Liu Bang was the son of a peasant family, soon to be the first leader of the Han dynasty.
  • Emperor Wudi opened up a network of trade routes later called the silk road, it stretched for over 4000 miles.
  • 1 mile of wall built cost about 10 lives, and every day about a mile was built.

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