Cleaning and Cupcakes

July 6th

Office Cleaning & SummerWrites Staff Event

A day cleared for uncluttering the office, your workspace and that one drawer that you throw everything into ( I know you have one). There are a lot of boxes lurking in the corners and other clutter that need a home as well.

Then, join the staff on the 2nd-floor conference room for decorating cupcakes (sponsored by Elyse) and enjoying pizza while reading and replying to posts written by teachers attending Summer Institutes across the country. Remote staff are also encouraged to participate.

Finally, do some unwinding at Beta Lounge


9:00-12:00 Office cleaning

12:30-1:30 SummerWrites Staff Event (2nd Floor Conference Room)

1:30-2:30 Free time to catch up on work

3:00- ???? Beta Lounge (Address: 2129 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704)