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Connecting, Transferring and uploading.

This week we are taking a look at how to connect different tools or programs in your classroom. The first video teaches you how to upload different kinds of documents to your Google drive. So you can access your files from any computer or device.

Then we are looking at an app called Simple Transfer. Have you ever wanted to move files from your ipad to your computer quickly without cords? Then check out simple transfer a free app for your ipad.

The Last app will make anyone an Ed Tech All-Star in their classroom! It has been tested out in classrooms all around the district. Mimio Mobile App allows you to mirror your computer screen onto your iPad. So you can control your iPad from anywhere in the classroom. It's a free app that connects to the Mimo Studio Notebook software ( download from zenworks)

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3 Minute Tip: Store Non-Google Files in Google Drive

Techie in Training

How to use simple Tranfer

Ed Tech All Star

Connecting your Desktop to your iPad with Mimio Mobile