Vidy Mining

Begin mining cryptocurrency at Vogue Singapore

Vogue Singapore is partnering with Singaporean technology company Vidy to provide cryptocurrency, by means of VidyCoin, to followers seeing video clips a part of on-line write-up captions.
Vogue Singapore now has cryptocurrency to enhance your electronic encounter as one of its devoted followers. What this means is, you can make crypto in a variety of ways, for example searching websites and observing video tutorials.
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Afterwards, the crypto which you can use to redeem unique prizes from Vogue in the form of items and print out editions of publications. You can even utilize it to create donations on the community as a type of concern.
To create this encounter a reality, Vogue Singapore has signed up with pushes with Vidy, a blockchain-based electronic digital advertising system. Beginning with an unrest about video clip ads and banners that interfered with the reading through behavior, Vidy was created.
Getting VidyCoin a stride further, Vidy set up VidyCoin because the official cryptocurrency in 2017. Moreover, Vidy built an ecosystem to continue building VidyCoin.
Now, possessing collaborated with Vogue Singapore, Vidy enables readers to my own crypto by accessing video information.
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